Tips for investing in Cryptocurrencies

Today we bring you an article in which we review important points to consider before buying cryptocurrencies as an investment.

There are still many people who do not dare to take the step for not understanding or fear of losing money. One of the objectives that we have proposed in Tikebit is to help and provide information to those who are not yet clear on how to start.

That is why today we mention some important points to keep in mind when investing.

What is your goal? Term and objectives of the investment.

Whenever you invest, in any situation, good to have in mind a term for the investment. Having a fixed deadline in mind helps your perspective when it comes to investing since you are mindful that the money you are going to invest will not be available for X time and may even become a loss.

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It sounds too obvious to mention that information is necessary before investing, more than a tip, here we just want to highlight once again that the more knowledge you have about the currency in which you invest, the easier it will be to trust them. There are many scams and currencies with very ambitious projects that in the end do not go anywhere. Before investing in coins that promise things like:


Please, study very well who is behind the projects and above all, never forget a golden rule:

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is not”

Pages and trusted companies

Cryptocurrencies are no longer that ‘fable’ that were almost a decade ago. There are websites and trusted companies such as Bit2Me in Spain or Coinbase in the US that already have a loyal customer base operating.

If this is your first time investing in cryptocurrencies, try to use a brand that already sounds in advance, if you also want to invest in a slightly less popular project, check it out in Google, Forums or Bitcoin communities before taking a step forward.

There is no regulation

It is one of the strongest selling points of cryptocurrencies, the idea with which many dream of a decentralized system, without banks or governments controlling our finances.

The theory is good, but the practice carries risks since being a very young industry, still in the growth phase, it is normal for errors to occur, mostly human errors such as forgetting the passwords of the purse for cryptocurrencies or losing access to your account of any another way. In these cases, there is no compensation because since you are the sole owner of your digital money, if you lose your Bitcoins or other non-reversible transfer currencies, it would be almost impossible (if not impossible) to access these currencies again.


What we highlight in this article is that you do not have to be afraid to invest, just be aware and be sensible with the amount of investment. Do things for a premeditated benefit and be very clear in what currency is invested and be sensible with how much money is invested.

“Never invest more than you can not afford to lose”

If on the other hand, you want to buy cryptocurrencies to use them, the risk decreases since you may use them before the price (and its volatility) affect you. Up to here everything for today, if you have any doubt we invite you to send us a message through social networks.

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