Official Pre-Launch of Tikebit™

Hello Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies friends. My name is Leif Ferreira and I’m leading a team that approximately 8 months ago started to develop Tikebit™. After huge efforts, we are finally here! We announce to you the Official Pre-Launch of Tikebit™.

Allow me to bring this into context:

At Tikebit™ we strongly  believe in a the future of hundreds of services working over the Blockchain technology and all the different cryptocurrencies, with the decentralization concept as foundation: Remittances, cloud storage, prediction markets, smart contracts, notary’s…

But there is one problem. Quite a big problem actually. For many people in the world it’s very hard (if not, impossible) to access cryptocurrencies. For them, this whole universe of new possibilities and opportunities, simply does not exist.


Everyday millions of euros are used to buy cryptocurrency. Actually more than 80% of purchases, especially bitcoins, are made via bank: bank transfers (mostly) or credit card.

This is slow and insecure:

  • Slow: Bank transfers whether national or international take from one to seven days to complete. This is a nightmare for the users.
  • Insecure: Paying via credit card has a high risk for the market, since credit card transfers are reversible, while cryptocurrency isn’t after being sent.. In e-commerce, the cost of chargebacks sums more than $12,000 million in fraud to businesses. Due to these huge losses, many platforms prefer/rather not to accept payment via credit card, which means a big inconvenience for the market.  This is a nightmare for the cryptocurrency providers.

But that’s not all:

  • What happens with the rest of the people who can’t access banking? Currently the 38% of world’s population don’t have access to the banking system.Asia, Africa and Latin-America have the highest percentages, reaching up to 75% of the population without a bank account, a good example is Peru. A very interesting point here is that a great part of them have access to internet and a smartphone, yet not to bank account.
  • What about people that want or need privacy?
  • What about people who don’t trust sharing their banking details online?
  • What aboutpeople who temporarily can’t access to their bank account? Maybe due to holidays, frozen funds…

These kind of people are A LOT OF PEOPLE. Lots of people that find huge barriers to becoming part of Bitcoin, Ethereum, StorJ, Maidsafe, Augur… These people are estimated to be 49% of the total world population.


Pre-Lanzamiento de Tikebit. 49% de la población mundial excluida de las criptomonedas


After analysing all of this data for a long time, our target was to design a scenario that would allow customers to:

  • Obtain cryptocurrencies in seconds.
  • To obtain them with fiat money (cash).
  • Bring them close to home. Not having to travel many kilometres to acquire them.

Another factor we observed was that there are more than 500 platforms that allow to buy different type of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, focusing on being the ally of these platforms, we wanted to base our solution in helping them to connect to the rest of the 49% of the forgotten population.

This solution has been named… Tikebit™!

Pre-Lanzamiento de Tikebit. 49% de la población mundial incluida a las criptomonedas con Tikebit

Cryptocurrency Bridge

Tikebit™ provides a bridge between retail stores, cryptocurrency vendors and users to obtain any cryptocurrencies with cash.

It’s a 16 digit PIN code, available in multiple formats that people will be able to purchase in their local shops. Later, the users can exchange totally or partially the value on the most popular crypto currency platforms for bitcoins, ethers and other cryptocurrencies.

Pre-Lanzamiento de Tikebit. Tarjeta Tikebit

One example of a platform in which it could be exchanged is Bit2Me, who currently have integrated Tikebit™ and will activate it in the upcoming weeks, allowing to exchange fully or partially your Tikebit™ for bitcoins. The next platform to add Tikebit™ will be the well-known worldwide Uphold, who are already working on the integration, therefore it will be possible to access ethers, litecoins, voxcoins and also bitcoins. We will reveal more information soon regarding upcoming integrations.

How It Works

The way it works is very simple. In 3 steps:

  1. Find your nearest Tikebit™ point of sale using the Tikebit™ Map on our website.
  2. At the point of sale ask for  a Tikebit™ of the chosen amount. Currently, and for our first stage we offer tikebits for €10, €20, €50 and €100..
  3. Now you can use the Tikebit™ pin code on the platforms that are part of the Tikebit™ network.
    You can check
    the platforms that support Tikebit™ any time you want on our site. We will make sure to keep it updated after every integration.

Pre-Lanzamiento de Tikebit. Cómo funciona Tikebit en 3 pasos

As you can see it’s very easy, fast, secure, private and convenient. Close to people, without frauds or banks.

Tikebit™ Ecosystem

In case of doubt, Tikebit™ is not a platform that sells cryptocurrencies. We are the tool that will allow for the existing platforms that already sell cryptocurrencies to reach new users all around the world. Our focus is not to be single-site service, nor a specific cryptocurrency. Ours is an open focus.

For the people, we want Tikebit™ to be a very simple and fast solution to access cryptocurrencies. For the businesses it’s a perfect solution that enables them to offer a service without frauds and within seconds. The user obtains his Tikebit™ and uses it when he wants and the way he wants, it won’t matter if they are in America, Europe, Asia or Africa. Tikebit™ is for the whole world!

Moreover, a key element that we considered very important during the design of the Tikebit™ ecosystem was the ability to involve local shops. Currently they aren’t participating in the revolution but any village, city or corner shop could become the perfect point that nears the access from their people to cryptocurrencies.

Pre-Lanzamiento de Tikebit. Ecosistema Tikebit

Expansion / Growth

After several months working on the integrations, Tikebit™ is now available in 11,000 points of sale all over Spain: Bars, petrol stations, parlours, kiosks… from end to end.
We are now adding all the addresses to our map. Our next objective will be to reach the next round of integrations which will add another 60,000 in 6 key countries!

The result? Users from all across the planet accessing cryptocurrency platforms trading straight from cash to cryptocurrencies. Someone in Africa could be using a platform in Japan or someone in Latin-America using a platform in Europe…the potential is immense.


Tikebit™ is ready to be integrated. We provide the necessary toolkit for distributors and businesses with the objective to make it an easy way to add Tikebit™ to your business logic. Tikebit™ is compatible with businesses of any size. This is why we have prepared the following resources:

  • API: Easy and simple API RESTful. With testing environment.
  • Documentation: Documentation for the methods, parameters and replies, with technical support.
  • SDK: Tools and libraries for developers on NodeJS, Scala, Java, Python, PHP …
  • Control Panels: Real time statistics and accounts management for those who don’t need API integration.

Pre-Lanzamiento de Tikebit. Recursos de integración

We also propose an open focus in which developers can create their own software/applications on top of the open Tikebit™ API.


On the following table we will show the advantages of using Tikebit™ against other alternatives:

Pre-Lanzamiento de Tikebit. Ventajas de Tikebit


Tikebit™ was born from Bit2Me™ team, where 8 people have worked to bring it forward.

We know that the objective in Tikebit™ is big; to deliver cryptocurrencies to millions of corners of the planet isn’t an easy task; this is what drives us and gives us more enthusiasm: we have the right work ethic, effort, energy, attitude and passion and we always give our best( + a bit extra)

During the last year our team has been the world winner of the Fintech Americas by VISA with Hive “Banks without banks”, Best start up in Spain 2015 by CaixaBank, special guests at the United Kingdom embassy and European commission to advise over cryptocurrencies, accelerated by Blockchain Space and awarded by Deloitte and Expansion amongst others.

More info about us and our journey

Equipo Tikebit

We enjoy this daily and it’s a great honour for us to be part of this movement with such a unique focus to change the world. The future of cryptocurrencies is thrilling. We speak of a revolution in many aspects: technologically, socially and politically. But, with out Tikebit, we see a revolution that is forgetting a big part of the population. Only when everyone has access to be part of cryptocurrencies, it will become something truly unstoppable.


This is an official press release on behalf of Tikebit™.
You are free to use this article or part of it to talk about Tikebit™.
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