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How to redeem a Tikebit voucher through Bit2Me

Get cryptocurrencies with cash close to home.

Tikebit is a tool that allows you to obtain cryptocurrencies without using banks or credit cards.

Tikebit is a coupon that you can buy at a local store in your city and then exchange it for bitcoins on the platforms that allow it.

Local businesses are part of this network. In them you can buy your Tikebit. 

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, security is one of the first things to be taken very seriously. It is important that users and those interested in digital currency understand their options and the importance of each of them.

Currently, there are five basic types of cryptocurrency wallets. All have their benefits and weaknesses but each serves a different purpose.

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Tips for investing in Cryptocurrencies

Today we bring you an article in which we review important points to consider before buying cryptocurrencies as an investment.

There are still many people who do not dare to take the step for not understanding or fear of losing money. One of the objectives that we have proposed in Tikebit is to help and provide information to those who are not yet clear on how to start.

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We continue with good news, Dash, the currency number # 13 in the cryptocurrency ranking (June 12, 2018) joins the list of digital currencies that you can acquire with Tikebit paying with cash.

In case you have not heard of Dash yet, it was one of the first fully decentralized digital money systems after Bitcoin.

Dash is used to make instant and private payments online, it is a currency focused on privacy.

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